What We Do

With our uniquely Anglo-Brazilian background, Sherlock Digital is a different kind of digital communications consultancy. We develop and execute country-specific and international marketing and communications programmes that combine the very best aspects of Brazilian and British expertise and thinking.

From planning and strategy, platform design and development to campaign management and evaluation, all of our services are designed to offer focussed and clearly measurable results for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how Sherlock Digital can help your business, do drop us a line contact@sherlockdigital.net.

Planning, insight
and consultancy

• Strategy development
• Digital auditing
• Social media monitoring
• Policy development
• Training
• Procurement services
• Resource planning
• Social business consultancy
• International co-ordination
• Audience and advertising planning

Technical services
and solutions

• Website design & build
• Systems/intranet build
• Tools development
• Tools monitoring
• Social network application development
• Mobile application development
• E-commerce platform development
• Online games design and development

Campaign management
and evaluation

• Email marketing (self and full service)
• Social media set up and campaigns
• PPC campaigns
• Sponsored links
• Evaluation and analysis
• Viral seeding and Video SEO
• E-commerce set-up and optimisation
• Internal communications

Are you an international company
looking to expand to Brazil?


Are you a Brazilian company looking to
expand to UK and English-Speaking Markets?